Like many people we also occasionally thought of another life. And then of course in a wider area and in a warmer climate, where the hectic is less and everyday life is more relaxed. In 2007 we decided to leave the Netherlands to start this adventure with the entire family.

We immidiately agreed on the country, it had to be France. The country of the vacations in a wonderful climate and beautiful trails through magnificent landscapes. And so we started the search for a place to live. We did many viewings of the most diverse objects. After several wanderings through various departments, we drove through the Cognac region to the Charente-Maritime, and we felt right at home.
The rolling landscape with the beautiful vineyards on one side and the cities and the coast with its beautiful beaches on the other. And all this within an hour's drive away.

We saw Chantageasse (pronounce: sjant-asjasse) and we were sold. Situated between fields of rapeseed, sunflowers and vineyards. The authentic atmosphere of several old buildings, which include 4 gtes and 4 chambre d'htes, the pleasant courtyard with beautiful old trees and shrubs. Here we imagined people spending their vacations and then return home, completely relaxed. The battery recharged for another long period of hard work.

On Chantageasse we now live and work with 3 families.

Ed and Vera t Hardt-Jgers
Mark and Marcha Beijnes-t Hardt with their kids Tycho(2005), Ravi(2008) and Bente(2010)
Jessica t Hardt with her kids Tristan(2005), No(2009) and Mika(2011)

We welcome you to our Domaine de Chantageasse for a wonderful, relaxing holiday between city and country.